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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yet another dreary grey day today... I'm praying for better weather because my best friend from Sydney is coming at precisely 6pm tonight to stay with me for the week. It's not exactly exciting being inside all the time...

I forgot about these photos so I decided to put them on now. The outfit isn't that interesting but I love the denim vest. The years and years of hording clothes has finally paid off! It used to be my older sisters when she was about 10 years old and now I can use it for a crop denim vest! Genius...

And just letting you know that sometimes the title of my posts can be totally irrelevant but that's because I usually have no idea what to name them. So instead I just put a lyric or the title of the song I'm listening to at the time. This time it just so happens to be "Hello Goodbye" by the Beatles.

vest: vintage
top: ezibuy
belt: vintage
scarf: cotton on
pants: umm... (memory failure)


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