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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hong Kong



Kuala Lumpur

Australia (Sydney)

So I'm finally telling you about my overseas trip that's coming up! My family are going to these places (as above) for multiple reasons. We are staying in Cambodia with family friends over Christmas time and I'm going to visit my sponsored child and her village there as well. I'm really looking forward to this because it will be such an eye opener to how these people live and how my money is contributing to their everyday lives. I highly recommend everyone to even at least consider sponsoring a child because every little bit you give can help to save someones lives! Click here to find out more about World Vision which is the organisation I've chosen to sponser my little girl.

We are going to Hong Kong, KLand Thailand for family reasons, shopping and sightseeing....

And last but not least! Australia! I'll be spending New Years with a friend in Bendigo which is near Melbourne and after that, I'm going to Sydney where I'll be staying with my best friend who just recently came over here to NZ to visit me.

I literally can not wait! I've been to Australia quite a few times already but it's been nearly eight years since I last went to Hong Kong and Thailand. I've never been to Cambodia or KL before, so I'm interested in what it's going to be like... Definately a culture shock, considering NZ is so different!

p.s. sorry about the tacky touristy photos. It was the best I could do since I have none of my own (YET!)


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