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Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is absolutely devastating. I wish I wasn't blogging about this but I think it's a good idea to make people aware of this disaster if you haven't already heard about it. A massive earthquake has occured in Christchurch with a magnitude of 6.3. It has led to the devastation of roads, homes, historical buildings and other buildings. It is so awful to see what this earthquake has done to people. There is over 200 people missing, and the death toll is currently at 92 and is still going up. Watching the news is so sad, especially seeing all the people with missing family and friends or even the people who have already lost loved ones in the quake. It really puts into perspective just how fortunate we are in comparison to what Christchurch is dealing with at the moment. I'm lucky in the fact that I don't know anyone living in Christchurch and that I live in the North Island far away from where the earthquake happened...

Now there IS something you can do to help and it would be so very very much appreciated if you could donate to help Christchurch out!

Australian Red Cross has an NZ quake appeal. Donate online here.
Salvation Army NZ: donate online here or call 0800 53 00 00
Westpac is collecting donations to help those needing food, shelter and care following the Christchurch earthquake. Donate online here
Authorities also warn against quake charity scam. Before handing over any money to the agency that has approached you, please check out whether it's been registered. New Zealand charities can be checked here

My prayers are going out to you Christchurch!



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