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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

As a student, I have to find ways to meet my budget so I've become a bit of a bargain-shopper. Most of my wardrobe consists of sale items and second-hand clothes and I only spend a lot of money on staple items such as boots or jackets. I'm also a bit addicted to trawling through online shops (particularly ones with free shipping!) and hunting for a bargain. In New Zealand we're particularly lucky because we get a student discount with a number of shops such as Boo Hoo and ASOS.

Anyway, getting to the point... I always look out for dupes of items that are outside of my budget. In this case, I found an exact dupe of the American Apparel Denim Circle Skirt on Boo Hoo for half the price! Plus it doesn't look as short as the American Apparel one which is always a good thing. Click on the links to have a look-see! 


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