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Friday, August 12, 2011

I had multiple names for this post including: "Night" and "Hair" because seriously, how freaking long is my hair getting? I've been needing a haircut for a long time... Shouldn't admit to this but the last time I got it cut was 9 months ago! Yes, 9... I'm going to book a hair appointment in the very near future but I'm always so reluctant for the chop because I'm scared of having half my hair cut off. And it's taken me so long to grow! I'm thinking of getting it thinned heaps (because it's so thick and gives me a headache sometimes when I have it tied up...),  having my fringe straightened up and getting lots of long layers throughout and having the front layered quite a bit. Yeah that doesn't really make sense... So well done if you have just understood that! Ok I better go to sleep... I'm ranting. Meh.

P.s. these photos were taken at my friend Elyse's 18th a couple of weeks ago.

Wearing: Glassons jumper, Chambray shirt from Thailand, Supre jeans


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