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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yes, I'm back! Sorry that it's been so long since I last blogged, but now that I'm home I'll be able to again. My holiday was truely amazing and I have so many story and photos to share with you. But instead of bombing you with EVERYTHING, I thought that it would be better to do a post about each of the places that I went to... starting from tomorrow! But for now I want to reflect on the past year and tell you my plans for my blog this year...

So much happenned last year for me! Including starting this blog. At first I had no clue where I was going with this. And in a way, I still don't really know. What I do know now is that I think I prefer to be behind the camera taking the photos rather than be in them. It's often quite difficult to get a photo exactly how you want it when you are in it unless you have a really good photographer... So from now, the object of my photos may be a bit different.

In my time away, I've learnt that the best person you can be is just you. Nowadays, so many people are trying to find their identity through image, fashion and things that are considered "cool". I don't have a problem with this but I've learnt that it shouldn't consume you. For instance, if you love flared jeans but they aren't in fashion then you shouldn't let that stop you from wearing them! So all in all, I just want to say that don't be afraid to be yourself! I know that this is one of my biggest new years resolutions.
All the best for 2011!

Love Sophie


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