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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So much a time is wasted scouring the internet for inspiration for the upcoming balls. Shoes, dresses, jewellery, hair and of course make up! Is it sad to admit that I have a folder just dedicated to all things materialistic regarding the ball...? Most likely. But what is a blog for if you can't unleash all your wants and needs(?) Well to the point of this post... I have now found a dress for the boys high ball (not sure if I've told you that or not?) which is great because I'm borrowing it off my best friend's sister. It was her bridesmaids dress and I'm so lucky that I fit it! Well kind of... Some alterations may be needed. Anyway, it's a navy blue lace dress and I was thinking a red lip and liquid eye liner would look rather nice with it... What do you think? Well since I have quite olive skin, a shade between the two above would look better on me. Ho hum...

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